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Is Healthy Mexican Cuisine Possible?

Many Strive Today for a Lifestyle of Healthy Eating

People across the United States and the world work to create and maintain healthy lifestyles for themselves and their families. Residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley are no different. A significant element of living this lifestyle is continuing a pattern of healthy eating. Whether it is for health reasons or from a desire to better the environment, people strive to be vigilant in their dining habits.

Some opt to adopt a vegan or a vegetarian approach to their diet. Some are apt to adapt their dining choices. The amount of information available at the push of a button today makes it much easier for the diligent to remain so. The Internet and smartphones have made it easier to access health-related information. Calorie content and health information of any meal are now easily accessible. 

Some who endeavor to live this lifestyle – or are even contemplating it – may think that certain foods or entire cuisines are now taboo. And one of those unfairly judged fares may be Mexican cuisine at an authentic Mexican restaurant.

Healthy Mexican Cuisine – Make the Right Choices!

Is healthy Mexican cuisine a possibility? The answer is a resounding yes!

People can stereotypically view Mexican food as fried fare, full of beef and refried beans, slathered in sour cream, and covered with cheese. Although this is delicious, it can be so much more than that. It all comes down to their choices.

Choosing Healthier Mexican Food

First, vegetables can be a tasty ingredient in many Mexican entrees, replacing meat as the star of the dish for both vegans and vegetarians. Veggies can even come to the rescue when it comes to sauces. Salsa, made entirely of vegetables, is a great alternative to heavier options. This makes it a great source of Vitamin C.

Maybe you aren’t ready to completely switch to a vegan or vegetarian diet. There are still choices you can make to experience and enjoy healthy Mexican cuisine. You can opt for grilled fare, staying away from those less-healthy fried foods. Two other options are to choose chicken or fish instead of beef, and to switch to healthier beans, staying away from fatty refried beans.

You can still enjoy healthy Mexican cuisine! It all comes down to the choices you make.

Check Out Our Healthy Options at El Mariachi

When you want healthy Mexican cuisine from an authentic Mexican restaurant, choose El Mariachi. We care about each and every one of our cherished customers, and we are proud to offer them exactly what they want. We feature many healthier dishes on our extensive menu, and we can even substitute ingredients to wed your lifestyle with your favorite Mexican entree. Let our amazing staff help you continue to enjoy outstanding Mexican cuisine, no matter your dietary needs or wishes. At El Mariachi, you will never have to sacrifice taste to maintain a healthy way of eating.

An Authentic Mexican Restaurant, Right Here in Parkersburg, WV

When you want amazing, authentic Mexican cuisine from an authentic Mexican restaurant, El Mariachi should be your choice in Parkersburg, WV. We offer outstanding Mexican dishes paired with a bona fide Mexican atmosphere. Our team has proudly served the Mid-Ohio Valley’s taste buds since 2005.

We always use fresh ingredients, prepared in an authentic fashion. Our menu is certain to please every member of your family or group of friends. El Mariachi means the tastiest Mexican cuisine in the Mid-Ohio Valley, paired with friendly, welcoming service. We also offer 14 flavors of margaritas.

To enhance our authentic atmosphere and your experience, we feature a live mariachi band every third Monday of the month.

Online Ordering and Catering Available

Don’t have time to sit down and enjoy a meal here? El Mariachi also offers easy online ordering for take-out meals, or give us a call, and we will have your favorite Mexican dish waiting for you!

Our team will cater any event for parties of 10 people or more, either here at 2107 Pike Street, Suite 2, in Parkersburg, WV, or conveniently at your location. Ask us about our fundraising opportunities, too.

Whenever you want authentic Mexican cuisine – even tasty, healthy options – from a Mexican restaurant, visit us at El Mariachi!

For more information on our healthy Mexican cuisine options, call El Mariachi at (304) 420-9005 or connect with us on Facebook.