Fundraising Opportunities for Parkersburg, WV


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Raise Money for Your Group or Organization with El Mariachi

At El Mariachi, we support the local community by hosting a wide variety of fundraisers at our restaurant. If your organization could benefit from a fundraising night, give us a call or fill out our convenient form! Your organization, family, and friends can enjoy authentic Mexican food while supporting your cause—whatever that may be! Our full menu is available for fundraising events, and a portion of each sale will be donated to your group.

For more information about out the fundraising opportunities offered by El Mariachi, contact us today: (304) 420-9005.

Groups That Can Host Fundraisers at El Mariachi Include:

Recreational Leagues
Civic Organizations
Non-Profit Organizations
And More!

El Mariachi – Because We Care About Our Community

The staff at El Mariachi knows the importance of being a vital part of the community. This commitment to our communities where we serve customers every day does not stop at our door. We invite everyone to be a part of our extended family. Because we care, we make fundraising easy by offering events where we can help give back. The El Mariachi owners, staff, and suppliers all know how important our community efforts are—we would not be here without you!

Hosting a Fundraiser at El Mariachi in Parkersburg, WV is Easy

There are many different ways for nonprofit groups to raise money, and El Mariachi realizes that groups may have specific reasons for choosing to raise funds. When it comes to food and fundraising, though, El Mariachi likes to make it easy! Part of the challenge for many school groups or other organizations that do food-related fund raising is taking orders and spending time distributing the finished product. Instead of all that time and effort, scheduling a fundraising night with El Mariachi can be one of the easiest ways for your group to earn money and have a great night, while not being burdensome to your volunteers.

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