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A Celebration of the Marvelous Margarita

El Mariachi in Parkersburg, WV, is Your Margarita Destination

When it comes to Mexican cuisine, there is no better cocktail to accompany an amazing feast than the margarita. With its ever-present lime wedge and salt-crusted rim, it always completes the picture – and satisfies the taste buds. For many, it is an essential part of an authentic Mexican restaurant experience.

And throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley, you won’t find a better, more delightful margarita than at El Mariachi in Parkersburg, WV.

As we celebrate the marvelous margarita, let’s take a quick look at how it came to be.

The Mysterious, Murky Origins of the Margarita

While a margarita may taste bright and cheery, its origins are cast in shadow. According to an article posted on, a few different people lay claim to creating the first one.

One of the first origin stories states that Carlos Herrera invented the drink in 1938 at his Tijuana restaurant Rancho La Gloria for “Ziegfield Follies” actress and dancer Marjorie King. King told Herrera that she was allergic to every liquor except tequila, so Herrera worked around a typical tequila shot and concocted the now-ubiquitous cocktail.

Another tale centers around bartender Don Carlos Orozco, who was working at an establishment in Ensenada, Mexico in 1941. He was experimenting with different types of cocktails when Margarita Henkel, the daughter of a German ambassador, came in. He asked her to try his concoction, and when she approved, he named it after her.

Yet another possible origin story involves Hollywood royalty. Bartender Danny Negrete also receives credit as an inventor of the margarita. Negrete worked at both the Garci Crepso Hotel and the Agua Cliente Race Track, the latter of which regularly featured a performer named Margarita Cansino. When Cansino made it big in Hollywood, she changed her name to Rita Hayworth.

One more possible creation involves a simple swap of spirits. The daisy was a popular cocktail during the Prohibition era. The only difference between it and the margarita is that the daisy includes brandy instead of tequila. So someone, somewhere, some night decided to make the switch, and there was the margarita. In fact, “margarita” is the Spanish word for “daisy.”

The Basic How-To of Making a Margarita

A margarita may be quite basic in its composition, but it is a cocktail that is all about flair!

Creating your own is easy. The fundamental ingredients include two ounces of tequila, one ounce of lime juice, and one ounce of triple sec, an orange-flavored liquor. You could also substitute orange juice for triple sec. When you mix the cocktail, you can shake it together with ice, serve it over ice, or drink it without ice, depending on your preferences. The margarita also essentially includes salt around the rim of the glass and a lime wedge.

Some people prefer to doctor up their margaritas with sugar, fresh fruit, or other types of fruit juice or liqueurs. With your preferences in mind, the sky is the limit.

Do You Know What’s Easier? Come to El Mariachi!

Sounds pretty easy to make and enjoy one of these delicious cocktails, right? Do you know what is easier? Come to El Mariachi, and let us make one for you, while you enjoy amazing Mexican cuisine in an authentic Mexican restaurant, right here in the Mid-Ohio Valley!

We offer 14 different flavors of margaritas, including the elemental lime margarita, a peach margarita, a strawberry margarita, a pina colada margarita, a raspberry margarita, a mango margarita, a pomegranate margarita, and more. So when you are in the mood for Mexican cuisine in an authentic Mexican atmosphere, topped off with a tasty margarita, come visit us, and let our cocktail artists concoct you a margarita that you will never forget!

An Authentic Mexican Restaurant Experience, Here in Parkersburg, WV

We are much more than majestic margaritas, though. At El Mariachi, we always use fresh ingredients to serve the best Mexican cuisine anywhere in the Mid-Ohio Valley. We have proudly offered a wide menu full of amazing Mexican dishes in an authentic atmosphere since 2005. We are sure that every member of your family or your group of friends will find something they love at El Mariachi. Our name is synonymous throughout the region with the tastiest Mexican cuisine and the best, friendliest service.

To enhance your experience, we even feature a live mariachi band every third Monday of the month.

When you want authentic Mexican cuisine at an authentic Mexican restaurant, make the trip to Parkersburg, WV, and visit us at El Mariachi.

We Also Offer Online Ordering and Catering

Can’t sit down and join us for a meal at our authentic Mexican restaurant at 2107 Pike Street, Suite 2, in Parkersburg, WV? No problem! El Mariachi also offers convenient online ordering for take-out dining. You can also call ahead, and our amazing staff will have your favorite Mexican cuisine ready and waiting to take with you.

Our team also provides outstanding catering services for parties for 10 or more people, either here at our location or conveniently at your location. Call us for details, and don’t forget to ask about our fundraising options, too.

Whenever you want amazing Mexican cuisine and an amazing margarita from an authentic Mexican restaurant, you have only one destination to visit: El Mariachi!

For more information on our 14 flavors of margaritas or to make reservations, call El Mariachi at (304) 420-9005. Like us on Facebook, too!