Always Offering Value to Our Customers

El Mariachi in Parkersburg, WV, Strives for Quality with Every Meal 

Here at El Mariachi in Parkersburg, WV, we pride ourselves on always offering value to our customers. We are the Mid-Ohio Valley’s first choice for authentic Mexican cuisine, and our staff takes that honor seriously. We always want to give those coming to our Mexican restaurant the most we can for their money. Our team dedicates itself daily to offering better value and quality, as well as quantity, in our meals and customer service. We even offer the best takeout service in the Mid-Ohio Valley, as well as online ordering  

El Mariachi appreciates your patronage. In this month’s blog, we highlight the steps we take to give customers the value that they – and you – deserve. With that in mind, let’s explore the quality you will receive every time you visit our amazing Mexican restaurant. 

Enjoy the Value in Our Authentic Mexican Cuisine and Customer Service 

We all know that a dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to. Taking your family or friends out for a nice meal can be an expense. But, on the other hand, everyone deserves a nice, relaxing evening out, where they don’t have to cook. El Mariachi takes these truths very seriously, and we dedicate ourselves to giving you value at our Mexican restaurant. First, we only use the best, high-quality ingredients in our authentic Mexican cuisine. We don’t short-change our cherished customers. And we offer quantity, as well as quality.  

Here, our sides are large enough to create an entire meal. We proudly offer larger portions and lower prices than our Mid-Ohio Valley competitors. 

You Can’t Beat an El Mariachi Meal 

If you want authentic Mexican cuisine, that’s what you get at El Mariachi. Our kitchen staff uses the “tried-and-true,” traditional methods of food preparation. We live by the motto, “The quality is in the cheese.” We always strive to get the best-quality cheese available, and we shred it fresh daily. Nothing can ruin authentic Mexican cuisine like sub-standard cheese. You will never experience that at El Mariachi. We also use traditional, high-quality seasonings for every menu item, because seasoning is everything. You can be sure that you will get your money’s worth at El Mariachi. 

Providing Authentic Mexican Cuisine in a Fun, Relaxing Atmosphere 

At El Mariachi, we strive every day to provide you, your family, and your friends with authentic Mexican cuisine. We provide a fun atmosphere in our Mexican restaurant in Parkersburg, WV. Everyone will want to return over and over again. Our menu is unbeatable, and we even offer 14 flavors of margaritas, if you want an adult beverage. To add to the fun, we feature an authentic mariachi band every third Monday of the month. So, with so much value in an amazing atmosphere, what are you waiting for? Grab everyone you can and visit us at El Mariachi tonight!

For more information or to obtain a reservation, call El Mariachi in Parkersburg, WV, at (304) 420-9005. Follow us on Facebook for updates and specials. You can believe that our staff at El Mariachi dedicates itself to always offering value to our customers!