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Discover the many margarita flavors and more at El Mariachi. When it comes to authentic Mexican food, no cocktail pairs better than a delicious margarita. Having a margarita with your dinner is the perfect way to unwind and have some fun. Margaritas are simply just fun to order, with its lime wedge, salt or sugar-crusted rim, and delicious flavors and colors. Sometimes you can order frozen or blended margaritas for an even more refreshing beverage.

At El Mariachi, we offer a wide range of margarita flavors for you to choose from. We want every customer to be able to experience Mexican culture at our restaurant. Every family or group of friends should find exactly what they want at El Mariachi. This month we’re diving into margarita flavors, why they pair perfectly with Mexican food, and some history behind the margarita.


Where and When Was the Margarita Invented?

Last month, we discussed the history behind tequila, one of the most important ingredients of any margarita. But when and where was the margarita invented? Well, no one knows for sure. However, stories often involve Hollywood’s elite traveling to Mexico. While visiting, they would serve the elites the cocktail in cantinas. Margarita is Spanish for “daisy,” but it’s unclear of where name origins lie. Whatever the true source may be, we do know that margaritas came to be around the 1930s and 1940s.

The popular cocktail really picked up steam in the 1950s when two popular types of tequila arrived in America: Jose Cuervo and Sauza. This was also the time that Esquire Magazine ran a feature on the novel cocktail, according to Patron Tequila.


The Three Basic Ingredients of a Delicious Margarita

The original margarita recipe used throughout the 1940s and 1950s consisted of very little ingredients. To make an original margarita, you need:

  1. Your favorite tequila
  2. Triple sec
  3. Fresh lime juice


To make a traditional margarita, you combine all of the ingredients in a shaker with ice. Then you simply pour into a salt-rimmed glass to enjoy. This serves up a traditional margarita that is as dry and sour as they come. It’s important to note that you can make a margarita with any style of tequila. Quality tequilas will have “100 percent blue agave” on the bottle, so you know you are drinking high-quality tequila. Next, you will need triple sec. Triple sec is a type of orange liqueur. It provides fruity flavors as well as sweet and bitter notes, which are all essential for a well-made margarita.

Limes and lime juice are essential for margaritas, especially if you’re making a traditional flavored margarita. In the United States, Mexican or key limes are what we see most commonly. Give whatever limes you can find a taste prior to using, as some varieties are sweeter than sour. If you require a sweetener for your margarita, sugar or simple syrup are common. For something different, agave syrup has been on the rise as another sweetener option. However, make sure to taste it on its own, as a little agave syrup goes a long way.


Fun Margarita Flavors That Add Adventure to Your Next Meal

Although traditional margaritas are still sought after over 70 years’ time, many enjoy the fun flavors of modern-day margaritas. As stated before, you can now order frozen, blended margaritas for a “refresh” all summer long. Add a fun flavor and you have a perfect cocktail to pair with your meal. El Mariachi has 14 flavors for our guest’s to try, including:

Prickly Pear: Prickly pear is often described as a mix between watermelon and classic bubble gum, with hints of strawberry and raspberry.

Passionfruit: Passionfruit is a sweet, exotic fruit with a delicious, slightly tart flavor.

Classic: A classic margarita using lime juice and the staple salt-rimmed glass.

Banana: A sweet taste of the tropics mixed with the tartness of a margarita.

House Lime: An extra-lime margarita that’s a step above a classic margarita.

Strawberry: A refreshingly sweet twist. Perfect for frozen, blended margaritas in summer heat.

Raspberry: A touch of sweetness that satisfies your craving for a delicious, fresh, and fruity margarita.

Wild Berry: A refreshing blend of berries you’d find out in the wild that surprise you with sweet and sour flavors.

Peach: Show off the sweet, luscious taste of fresh peaches in your next margarita.

Mango: Mangos have the perfect texture and flavor that makes for the perfect frozen margarita.

Piña Colada: Can’t decide between a piña colada and a margarita? A piña colada margarita is the best of both worlds. Enjoy the flavors of pineapple and coconut mixed with your favorite tequila.

Pomegranate: Tart with a little bit sweetness, pomegranate margaritas are well-balanced and delicious.

Cosmo: A cosmopolitan, but make it a margarita. Lime presents a sour flavor, while triple sec adds a layer of sweetness. Cranberry adds a signature pink hue and adds even more tartness to the drink.

Watermelon: The freshness and sweetness of watermelon blended with the flavors of tequila and lime. The perfect summer margarita.


We understand it can be difficult to choose when you have so many options. That is why we hold Margarita Monday’s at El Mariachi!


We Also Offer Online Ordering, Catering, and More

El Mariachi offers online ordering for customers who would like to enjoy our authentic Mexican food at home. Although we cannot serve margaritas through to-go orders, check out how to make your own margarita at home and enjoy. We also offer catering services for your next event or family get together. Your whole family or group can enjoy the authentic flavors of El Mariachi. Browse our menu to see what your next order will be. What are you waiting for? Call to make your reservations or place your online order today.


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