Enjoy the Benefits of Our In-House Technology

El Mariachi in Parkersburg, WV, Strives to Stay on the Cutting Edge 

At El Mariachi in Parkersburg, WV, we love it when our customers can enjoy the benefits of our in-house technology. Our modern culture moves fast. And our goal is to stay on the cutting edge as we offer our authentic Mexican cuisine. With that in mind, we have incorporated in-house technology at our Mexican restaurant. We want to make the experience easier and more beneficial for you.  

We love that the Mid-Ohio Valley comes to us for our authentic Mexican cuisine and atmosphere. But we refuse to rest on our past laurels. Our staff constantly moves forward each day to better our service. In this month’s blog, we want to highlight some of the advances of our in-house technology. 

Our Technology Makes Your Experience More Beneficial 

One of our favorite advances is our El Mariachi Rewards program. In addition to the obvious benefits of dining at El Mariachi, our rewards program makes your experience more beneficial! It’s simple; you earn one point for every dollar you spend. You also earn points with online ordering on Toast. You simply eat, pay, and receive a text with your points confirmation. It’s a great way to get free meals at El Mariachi. And there is no need for worry or hesitation, either. When you sign up for our rewards program, we promise that you will never get any spam emails! 

We Also Make Your Experience Easier and Safer 

We know that recent events in the past few years have made people more cautious about close contact. We also understand that contact is inherent in a dining experience. But, at El Mariachi, we have made strides to make our customers feel safer while making the experience easier. Our team has incorporated technology to let you pay at the table. This limits your contact with our servers. This also makes your experience more convenient; no more waiting for the bill! 

The Mid-Ohio Valley’s Choice for Authentic Mexican Cuisine 

It’s not hard to understand why El Mariachi is the Mid-Ohio Valley’s choice for authentic Mexican cuisine. From a delicious menu and a fun experience to a rewards program and online ordering, we have it all. We even offer 14 different flavors of margaritas, if you are so inclined toward adult beverages. Don’t forget that we also feature a live mariachi band every third Monday of the month. We look forward to seeing you tonight at our Mexican restaurant! 

For more information or to place a reservation, call El Mariachi in Parkersburg, WV, at (304) 420-9005. Follow us on Facebook for updates and specials. Our staff loves to make your visit more beneficial and easier with our in-house technology.